Digital media, my babies and I

On with baby mumsworldtoday’s post I want to share the challenge I face as a parent on a daily basis as it concerns digital media/new technology/television.

Growing up we didn’t all have access to it or only had ‘restricted’ access. In my case when school started we weren’t allowed to watch TV so we could concentrate. Yeah, my folks were hard-core like that. We didn’t have much choice in terms of what to watch, it was either “Voltron”, “Sesame Street” or “She-Ra” on television or music videos on Betamax or VHS cassette. Wow, my age don dey show o!

Nowadays my daughters are spoilt for choice as to what to watch on TV with so many different cartoon channels and YouTube on my phone or iPad. I have nothing against mankind’s advancement in technology considering it has made life a lot easier in many ways and saved lives especially in medicine, etc., but as a new parent it’s something we all need to be mindful of.

My 1st born is already a whiz on my phone and IPad and I usually let her watch her favourite shows like “Sofia the 1st”, “Frozen”, “Peppa-Pig”, etc and I did not worry about it too much because most times I have to help her type what she wants to watch so that way I can monitor what she’s doing. Right? Well, sort of. It turns out that there are so many suggestions that pop up based on previous history that can lure kids to get into some adult stuff with parodies of these shows such as “Barbie life in the Dream House”- let me just say it was borderline porn! I was shocked but of course I had to play it cool and just changed it to something more wholesome! Phew!

From then on I always ensure to extra double check what she’s up to. It is not as if she’s deliberately searching for naughty stuff because she’s only 3 years old, but if it’s dangled in front of her like a lollipop, then I can’t blame her for her curiosity but it will not be curiosity killing my little kitty if I can help it! That was my first shocker so I brought my husband’s attention together we became more vigilant.

Another issue is with music videos and shows. As we all know, we live in a highly sexualized world where sex sells just about everything and I find myself worrying about the impact that has on the children we are raising today. In my household we are huge lovers of music of all genres, be it our very own Naija pop, hip-hop, or R&B. And one of my favourite things to do is to dance with my daughters. In the past, I would leave the TV on and watch TraceTV or SoundCity and let it keep showing, now I have to be extra vigilant with all the nudity and shaking of bum-bums. This is coupled with the fact that I have two baby girls and I can’t particularly say I’m happy with the way certain women allow themselves to be portrayed. However that is an entirely different topic for another day.

But back to the matter at hand, I find I have to reduce watching those shows or leave it to when they’re asleep or play the audio version only, or just switch to another channel entirely. When the video that comes up is too risqué and that always causes troubles with my feisty 3 year old.

We really have to contend with a lot these days and I want to encourage us as Mums to be more vigilant with our kids so they don’t grow up too fast and start dealing with things they don’t understand.
Till next time.



8 thoughts on “Digital media, my babies and I

  1. Chinenye Uzuakpundu says:

    Thanks dear for nudging us towards the right direction. …….being a career mom isnt easy at all…hod is ur strength. ..


  2. Chinenye Uzuakpundu says:

    Thanks dear for nudging us towards the right direction. …….being a career mom isnt easy at all…God is ur strength. ..


  3. its true dearie…my baby is a year 6months and she knows the “shoki n sekem” songs and dance steps already…..i do not encourage youtube viewing obviously for the reasons you have mentioned.i use more books colourful and story telling…if she has my phone, its for application flashcards that teach colours, numbers and nursery rhythms.


  4. Ata ashiru says:

    Spot on with this post. As parents we have no choice but to be more vigilant. With my 5 year old boys, their navigation and ease of direction on computers and iPads baffles us each day so last year I went hardcore with parental/ age approrpiate restrictions. No app downloads or content for over 5+ comes up anymore.


  5. ramat says:

    This post is really spot on. At least you have some control at home. I went to a fast food restaurant the other day and the tv was on to a music channel. The Weekend’s Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack) video comes on and nobody made a move to change it. If you know the video I’m talking about you’d know it’s not appropriate for ANYONE under 18 talk less of the preschoolers and tweens that were at the restaurant at the time. I had to sternly instruct the manager to change the channel. I don’t have a kid yet but even I knew it was inappropriate. All the parents there just kept on watching morosely like they didn’t have a clue.


  6. This just shows the huge responsibility we have as parents and should take it seriously.
    The iPads my children play with are always off line and we have the parental block on the TV. Even then I still monitor the cartoons they glue their eyes on. Adult anything comes on after they’ve gone to bed. I’m a firm believer of the fact that if we train our children properly, they can be positive peer pressure.


  7. Ade says:

    Spot on Dakore! We need to be more vigilant as mums. I turn off the wifi on my ipad or mobile phone whenever my 5 years old goes on it. I have had a similar experience with the “boderline porn” it came as suggested videos while she was watching Frozen and Barbie. Now, i download selected videos for her to watch and turn off the wifi.

    This is not pertinent to youtube alone. Even the Disney videos, boomerang et al require close monitoring.


  8. I am a particularly impressed that we have mothers thinking right… let’s keep this going as our children will not depart from the right direction.


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