Tastes, Texture and Teeth!


My 2nd little angel Dasola is a year old and she is absolutely relishing new tastes and textures in food.

When I started weaning her, at 6 months, I began with rice cereal mixed with formula (which she still loves), and then introduced soft foods like oats, mashed potatoes(sweet or Irish) and soft rice/spaghetti. Now she tastes everything  what we all eat:  little strips of beef, ewedu, stew and semo are favourites, and she loves her milk – still an important source of nutrients for her. She calls food “ma-mam” which sounds like mama so I love the fact that she equates food to sustenance.

I’m really glad she’s a good eater, so thank goodness for small mercies. My first born, was like that too, I never really had to force her to eat although like all human beings we have times where we just don’t feel hungry and times where we want to just stuff down everything in sight so I really lucked out there, fingers crossed.

The only time I was concerned about Dasi’s feeding habits was when we just introduced formula and apparently the brand she was taking made her very gassy and colicky, but when   I switched brands I found one that worked, and which she absolutely loved, thank goodness!

Now she is so adventurous with food and always wants to taste what everyone and anyone is eating which is such a joy to behold.

It’s really challenging regarding nutrition for our kids, making sure they’re getting nutritious food at meal times while reducing salt or sweet treats. In this microwave age it is no small feat but it’s a task that must be done. As parents we know we shouldn’t trade proper food for treats – later  you could be explaining yourself in a court of law! Really, it’s criminal not to feed children properly if you have the means.

I’m a believer that the way the parents, especially the mother, treats food is generally the way the household will go. At least it’s true in my household because I try as much as I can to eat healthily so it reflects on my husband and kids although we do have days where we just veg out and enjoy food.

Dasi is walking on her own which is lovely, and to see her determination to catch up to her big sis! She also loves to take the lead while holding my hand to show off her skills.

She has 3 and a half teeth and it’s a gorgeous sight to behold, yes I’m shamelessly in love!

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6 thoughts on “Tastes, Texture and Teeth!

  1. hey dakore..lovely site.seriously i like the concept n im sure most young mums like me would do too but i suggest you dont use this wordpress thing.its kinda complicated.jus use blogspot.com.makes it easier…nice work tho.n more posts please.


  2. Chinenye Uzuakpundu says:

    Children are divine blessing from God.And the different stages of their lives are amazing……..am glad u are experiencing those in ur kids.


  3. Promise says:

    Wow! Where do I start? I love love ur posts and I can relate wit dem cos am a young mum 2. U r doing a good job here, pls keep it up. God bless u


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