Getting in touch with the Reality of Motherhood


My journey into motherhood has so far been blissful, tough, exciting, daunting, awe-inspiring yet always full of love and gratitude to God for blessing me in such a manner. There are so many emotions and expectations at first then comes the reality of the work involved. This is especially so for  women and mothers who strive to do their very best to ensure a loving and safe environment, best nutrition, highest standards of cleanliness in the home, dealing with domestic help and/or nannies all while juggling a very demanding career and relatively young marriage?….phew!

It’s no mean feat but somehow this is my life and I’m going to be sharing via this forum my experiences, challenges and triumphs so hopefully we can all navigate and draw strength from one another.

My 1st topic describes how I feel into post natal depression. I gave birth to my 1st child…

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